Ceramic Injection Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding Services for MedicalDental, Automotive, Textile Industry, Lifestyle Applications, Electrical, Mobile Phone and Laptops, Household AppliancesCeramic Injection Molding Services for MedicalDental, Automotive, Textile Industry, Lifestyle Applications, Electrical, Mobile Phone and Laptops, Household Appliances

1. Communicate and Confirm 2D/3D Drawings

Professional ceramic injection molding manufacturers will participate in product design and production, helping to improve the design until the final delivery of the parts. The involvement of a ceramic injection molding company can greatly contribute to the success of your product parts.

Ceramic Injection Molding 2D DrawingCeramic Injection Molding 3D Drawing

2. Design Molds, Tools and Molding Methods

After receiving your drawings, our ceramic powder injection molding engineers begin to analyze the required materials, confirm the overall dimensions and structure, functional requirements, such as density, hardness, usage environment, and select molding methods and tools.

Ceramic Injection Molding Design Molds, Tools and Molding Methods

3. FeedStock

Ceramic Injection Molding Alumina
Ceramic Injection Molding Zirconia
Ceramic Injection Molding Aluminum Nitride
Ceramic Injection Molding Silicon Nitride
Ceramic Injection Molding Silicon Carbide
Al₂O₃ ZrO2 AlN Si3N4 SiC

We can provide alumina, zirconia, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, silicon carbide powder and processable ceramics, zero-expansion coefficient ceramics, sapphire and other raw materials, whose purity can reach 99.9%. They need to be mixed with organic binders into raw materials and then further processed to produce ceramic parts. The type of material used depends on your product requirements, the most commonly used ceramic materials are alumina, zirconia and alumina toughened zirconia composites.

4. Ceramic Injection Molding

Dry Press Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding Dry Pressing WorkshopDry Press Molding Ceramic Injection MoldingDry Press Molding Ceramic Injection MoldingCeramic Injection Molding Cold Isostatic Pressing MachineCeramic Injection Molding Isostatic Pressing Cold MachineCeramic Injection Molding Dry Bag Cold Isostatic Pressing Machine

Ceramic Injection Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding Vertical Injection Molding MachineVertical Ceramic Injection Molding MachineCeramic Injection Molding Machine

We have a variety of injection molding machines that can provide dry press molding and injection molding to produce high-precision parts. Our state-of-the-art injection molding machines offer unparalleled precision and quality in producing parts.

5. Debinding

Ceramic Injection Molding Debiangding Furance with Vents for Fast Heat DissipationCeramic Injection Molding Debiangding Furance
Adhesive removal using exothermic reaction and evaporation. This process prepares the parts for the sintering process.

Our ceramic injection molding degreasing furnace is equipped with vents for rapid heat dissipation and meets environmental protection requirements.

6. Sintering

Ceramic Injection Molding Sintering FurnaceCeramic Injection Molding Box Sintering FurnaceCeramic Injection Molding Lifting Sintering FurnaceCeramic Injection Molding Sintering FurnaceCeramic Injection Molding Sintering FurnaceCeramic Injection Molding Sintering FurnaceCeramic Injection Molding Sintering Workshop

We have a variety of ceramic sintering furnaces that can effectively improve production efficiency and shorten delivery cycle.
The sintering process usually takes place in a high-temperature chamber. This causes the part to densify and shrink, and may be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

7. Post-Sintering and Surface Polishing 

Ceramic Injection Molding Cylindrical Grinding WorkshopCeramic Injection Molding Cylindrical Grinding WorkshopCeramic Injection Molding CNC WorkshopCeramic Injection Molding Inner Hole Grinding MachineCeramic Injection Molding Centerless GrindingCeramic Injection Molding Punch GrinderCeramic Injection Molding Precision Horizontal Honing MachinesCeramic Injection Molding Precision Cylindrical GrinderCeramic Injection Molding Bushing MachineCeramic Injection Molding Automatic punching machineCeramic Injection Molding CutterCeramic Injection Molding Optical GrinderCeramic Injection Molding End Grinding MachineCeramic Injection Molding High Precision Vertical CNCCeramic Injection Molding Automatic GrinderCeramic Injection Molding 5-axis precision engraving machineCeramic Injection Molding Precision Surface GrinderCeramic Injection Molding Automatic Grinder 1

We have Flat Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding and CNC workshops to meet various optimizations of the structure and surface of ceramic products.
Our post-processing and surface treatment equipment include internal hole grinding machines, centerless grinding machines, terminal grinding machines, precision horizontal honing machines, internal and external cylindrical grinding machines, bushing machines, automatic punch machines, cutting machines, Optical grinder, end face grinding machines, 5-axis precision engraving machine, high-precision engraving machine, precision surface grinder, automatic grinder, etc.

Our post-sinter technology, part assembly, heat treatment, densification and finishing allows ceramic parts to be manufactured to your exact specifications. This includes diamond machining of the product’s external and internal dimensions, length, drilling, etc.

8. Quality Inspection

Ceramic Injection Molding Crystalline Phase MicroscopeCeramic Injection Molding Altimeter 1Ceramic Injection Molding Coordinate Measuring MachineCeramic Injection Molding Dimension 2.5Ceramic Injection Molding AltimeterCeramic Injection Molding Three-dimensionalCeramic Injection Molding Laser MakerCeramic Injection Molding One Click MeasurementCeramic Injection Molding MagnifierCeramic Injection Molding Cylindricity Measuring InstrumentCeramic Injection Molding ProjectorCeramic Injection Molding Hardness TesterCeramic Injection Molding Density GaugeCeramic Injection Molding Roughness DetectionCeramic Injection Molding Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument

Our quality inspection equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure the accuracy of the final product.

We place a strong emphasis on inspection and quality assurance so that our injection molded products meet the highest industry standards.

Alumina Ceramic Injection Molding Products for Semiconductors ThreadedAlumina Ceramic Injection Molding Products for Semiconductors ThreadedAlumina Ceramic Injection Molding Products for Semiconductors ThreadedInspection and Inspection of Metal Powder Metallurgy Pressing ProcessInspection and Inspection of Metal Powder Metallurgy Pressing Process

At MIM Supplier, we offer top-of-the-line Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) services specifically designed for the medical and dental industries. Our expertise in this field allows us to provide high-quality ceramic components with exceptional precision and performance.

Our Ceramic Injection Molding process combines advanced technology and innovative materials to produce complex and intricate ceramic parts that meet the stringent requirements of the medical and dental sectors. With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team, we are committed to delivering the highest level of quality and reliability.

One of the key advantages of Ceramic Injection Molding is its ability to produce parts with exceptional dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances. This precision is crucial in medical and dental applications where the performance and fit of the components are critical for successful outcomes.

Our CIM services offer a wide range of benefits for medical and dental applications. Ceramic materials used in CIM are biocompatible, making them suitable for use in medical devices and dental implants. These materials are also resistant to wear, corrosion, and high temperatures, ensuring the longevity and durability of the components.

With our expertise in Surface Treatment and Antibacterial Stainless Steel, we can provide ceramic components with unique properties that enhance their performance in medical and dental applications. These properties include high strength, excellent chemical resistance, and antibacterial properties, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the final products.

Our Aluminum Nitride, known for its high thermal conductivity and excellent electrical properties, is another versatile material we specialize in. It is ideal for metal injection molding of complex shaped parts used in medical and dental equipment.

When you choose MIM Supplier for your Injection Molding of Metal and Ceramics needs, you can expect exceptional quality, reliability, and customer service. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your specific requirements and delivering customized solutions that meet your exact specifications.

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