Do You Know What a Dental Bur

Do You Know What a Dental Bur

The dental bur pin is a dental surgeon's clinical medical grinding and drilling, and a dental technician grinding and trimming denture restorations using a rotary tool.

First . Composition of the dental bur  

dental bur  consists of working part and shank part.

Second . Classification of dental bur

1, according to the use of points: dental bur according to the use of dentists are divided into clinical bur, dental laboratory technician with a bur.

2, according to the material: dental bur from the material is divided into steel bur, tungsten steel bur, diamond bur, ceramic bur.

3, According to the speed: divided into two types of high-speed dental bur, low-speed dental bur.

 4. According to the shape of the working part: the common ones are ball drill, crack drill, inverted cone drill, ball head crack drill (broken crown turning bur), and wheel drill.

5、According to the shape of the working part of the edge teeth: flat edge, serrated edge (file-shaped pattern).

Do You Know What a Dental Bur

Third, in the use of short access to the blood body tissue contact with high-speed dental bur, body fluids, belong to the scope of supervision of Class II medical devices, need to be reported to the relevant departments of state registration; low-speed dental vehicles are strictly a class of medical devices supervision.

Fourth, the basic standard of dental car bur: the standard high-speed dental car total length of 19 mm, stem diameter of 1.6 mm; standard low-speed curved machine bur length of 22 mm, stem thickness of 2.35 mm; standard low-speed straight shank diameter of 44 mm, 2.35 mm diameter

Fifth, high-speed dental drill is made of steel or tungsten steel, due to the strength of low hardness steel, easy processing accuracy prismatic teeth, now there are also some steel high-speed dental coupe top city, now the market is mainly tungsten steel high-speed dental drill.

With diamond sand car bur and tungsten steel bur, foreign dentists, dentists who mainly use carbide drill, rarely use high-speed drill drill.

Car tungsten steel bur is cutting teeth or recovery, the cutting surface is smooth, no scratches on the sharp cutting edge; tungsten steel has a high hardness, sharpness, durability, high cutting efficiency, cutting quality.

Diamond drill in hard diamond abrasive grit grinding teeth or restoration, polishing surface scratches; diamond abrasive grit attached to stainless steel substrate, grinding off with diamond abrasive grit, sharpness, longer service life and grinding efficiency, quality is not high.

Sixth , according to the turning bur head shape classification

Do You Know What a Dental Bur

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