Silicon Carbide Vacuum Pressureless Sintering Furnace

Silicon Carbide Vacuum Pressureless Sintering Furnace


Temperature Uniformity Size(W*H*L) 


Ultimate Pressure 

Temperature Uniformity 

Loading Capaciy

RVS-446-S 400*400*600mm 1800℃/2400℃ 6.7*101Pa ±5℃ 100Kg
RVS-557-S 500*500*700mm 1800℃/2400℃ 6.7*101Pa ±5℃ 200Kg
RVS-669-S 600*600*900mm 1800℃/2400℃ 6.7*101Pa ±5℃ 300Kg
RVS-7710-S 700*700*1000mm 1800℃/2400℃ 6.7*101Pa ±5℃ 500Kg
RVS-8812-S 800*800*1200mm 1800℃/2400℃ 6.7*101Pa ±5℃ 700Kg
RVS-9915-S 900*900*1500mm 1800℃/2400℃ 6.7*101Pa ±5℃ 1000Kg
RVS-V0507-S Φ500*700mm(vertical) 1800℃/2400℃ 6.7*101Pa ±5℃ 300Kg
RVS-V1010-S Φ1000*1000mm(vertical) 1800℃/2400℃ 6.7*101Pa ±5℃ 1000Kg
RVS-V1518-S Φ1500*1800mm(vertical) 1800℃/2400℃ 6.7*101Pa ±5℃ 2000Kg
Remark: The working zone of equipment could be customized base on customer’s production.

Silicon Carbide Vacuum Pressureless Sintering Furnace

Advantages and Features: Excellent Performance of Silicon Carbide Vacuum Pressureless Sintering Furnace

2.1 High-temperature stability: Our sintering furnace can provide a stable high-temperature environment to ensure that the silicon carbide material maintains excellent performance at high temperatures, such as high thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, so that it still performs excellently under complex and harsh working conditions.

2.2 Pressure-free sintering: Adopting vacuum pressure-free sintering technology avoids the defects such as porosity and cracks that may be produced during the traditional sintering process, and significantly improves the denseness and uniformity of the silicon carbide material, making its mechanical properties more stable.

2.3 Energy efficient: our sintering furnace adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which reduces energy consumption, improves production efficiency, saves production costs for customers, and also meets the requirements of environmental protection.

2.4 Flexible customisation: we provide a variety of specifications and configurations of sintering furnace, customised according to the specific needs of customers, to ensure that it can meet the production of different scales and process requirements.

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