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Antibacterial Stainless Steel

Antibacterial Stainless Steel

Ag > Hg > Cu > Cd > Cr >P b > Co > Au > Zn > Fe > Mn > Mo > Sn

Antibacterial Stainless Steel


●    In all metals, silver antibacterial ability is strongest, about 100 times of copper.

●    Have more broad antibacterial spectrum, can kill more types of pathogenic bacteria.

●    Add less than one over ten of copper, stainless steel has a little influence on the performance of the original level.

●    Silver and iron is immiscible element of a typical system, almost no solubility in liquid or solid state

●    Existing casting process is easy to produce silver element segregation, the improvement of heat treatment process is very limited

●    Antibacterial performance is not stable, the high energy consumption of the heat treatment process, the effect is not obvious, it is difficult to use in the industrial production

●    Through the silver compound is added to the raw materials, the compound decomposition in the process of sintering formed dispersed silver particles

●    Excellent antibacterial properties, antibacterial above 99%

●    Stable antibacterial ability, silver particle dispersed evenly

●    Have permanent antibacterial ability, does not fear the scrapes and cuts

Antibacterial Stainless Steel 

Powder metallurgy silver bearing 316L stainless steel (left)

Past silver bearing antibacterial test results of 316L stainless steel (middle)

Silver containing stainless steel (right)

Antibacterial test results 

The Ag - Fe phase diagram shows that Ag - Fe is insoluble in solid state and does not form intermetallic compounds

Antibacterial Stainless Steel

●    Use of powder injection molding, can't solve the silver iron miscibility engineering problem

●    The nanosize silver particles were distributed evenly in the stainless steel substrate, produce good antibacterial performance

●    Only add trace silver, will not affect the performance of stainless steel, not significantly increase the cost of stainless steel

●    Can manufacture different type of antibacterial stainless steel

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