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Ti6Al4V:With high strength, low density, good corrosion resistance and high temperature properties, titanium alloys are commonly used in aviation, aerospace, medical and chemical industries.


●    Density:≥99%

●    Hardness:350-400 HV1

●    Yield Strength:≥950 MPa

●    Tensile Strength:≥1000 Mpa

●    Modulus of elasticity:100-120GPa

●    Elongation:10%-26%


By adjusting the microstructure of MIMI-TC4 with a special process, the equiaxed microstructure similar to that of forged titanium alloy was obtained, with fine grains and greatly improved mechanical properties.

●    Density is greater than 99%

●    Yield strength greater than 900 mpa

●    Tensile strength is greater than 1000 mpa

●    Elongation is more than 10%

●    Using low cost of powder to reduce the overall cost of the parts


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