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Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy for Metal Injection Molding

●    Titanium alloy is an important structural material industry with high specific strength, good biocompatibility and corrosion resistance

●    In electronic, medical, industrial and other industries widely used

Titanium Alloy

●    The powder injection molding technology of titanium alloy is very difficult

  • Belongs to the active metal, high temperatures are easy to be polluted

  • Mechanics performance is highly sensitive to impurities

Titanium Alloy

●    Solution

  • Special raw materials formula, special degreasing sintering technology

  • Microstructure control element content of impurities, regulation, obtain good performance

●    Advantages:

  • A few companies to master the technology

  • All structure near net shape

  • Very complicated curved surface machining

  • Good biocompatibility, good corrosion resistance

Titanium Alloy

●    Using alloy strengthening the development of high strength titanium alloy 

●    Yield strength greater than 1100 mpa, the elongation is more than 6% 

●    Challenge YS strength greater than 1200 mpa, so most of the axis parts can be used, folding screen shaft parts can lose weight by 45%, contribute to the realization of lightweight products

●    Development of MIM high strength titanium alloy:

  • New alloy composition and sintering process  

  • Form a complete set of equipment modification

  • Strong professional r&d team

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