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Tungsten Copper Alloy

Tungsten Copper Alloy

Electronic encapsulation materials

  • High heat conductivity, can quickly to the heat generated by the export electronic device

  • Semiconductor materials that match the thermal expansion coefficient (2 ~ 6 W/m.K), avoid and electronic device interface of thermal stress and thermal fatigue

  • Containing a large number of high hardness ceramic or metal particles, difficult processing

Tungsten Copper Alloy

●    Solution


  • Powder injection molding (tungsten copper, kovar alloy, invar alloy, aluminum and silicon carbide, aluminum nitride, etc.)

  • Interface structure control, and improve the thermal performance

Tungsten Copper Alloy

Application of MIM Process:

●    can direct sintering: tungsten copper alloy, kovar alloy, invar alloy, aluminum nitride

●    aluminized after sintering: aluminum and silicon carbide, copper - diamond


Tungsten-copper alloy - Advantages: Tungsten-copper alloy

●    High strength

●    High proportion

●    High temperature resistant

●    Arc ablation resistance

●    Conductive electric performance is good

Tungsten Copper AlloyTungsten Copper Alloy

Tungsten copper alloy - Purpose:

●    Military high temperature resistant material

●    5g optical material

●    Electrical alloy used in high pressure switch

●    Machining electrode

●    Microelectronics materials


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