Question and Answer

Q:How soon can we make the offer?

A: When we receive your enquiry, we usually make a quotation within 24 hours. If you are very eager to know the price, please call us or tell us your email address, we can give priority to your request

Q: What is MIM technology?

A: MIM is a combination of injection molding and powder metallurgy manufacturing techniques.

Q: What is the density and strength of MIM products?

A: The density of a typical MIM is theoretically higher than 98%. The precise density characteristics depend on the choice of material, but it is very close to that of a precision material. 

Q: Which parts are suitable for MIM processing?

A: MIM is good at producing parts that are too difficult to process with traditional technology, such as CNC machining which is difficult to cast or cost too much, and producing highly complex and small parts 

Q: Does the part shrink when the adhesive is removed?

A: No, the volume of the part does not change during the degreasing process. However, during sintering, the part shrinks by 20%. 

Q: How does the MIM work?

A: Fine metal powder is combined with a binder to form a raw material. When heated, the substance turns into a sticky, paddle-like substance that is then injected into a mould under high pressure to create the desired model. Once cooled, it is removed from the mold and a treatment (called degreasing) is performed to remove the adhesive components. In the final step (sintering), the metal powder is placed in a controlled high temperature environment where it melts and condenses into a dense solid.

Q: Why use MIM?

A :MIM has an advantage in making fine, highly complex parts that are difficult and sometimes costly to produce using traditional machining or casting techniques.