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Free Metal/Ceramic Injection Molding Prototype

Free Metal/Ceramic Injection Molding Prototype

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We will send you a Free MIM/CIM/PM Prototype for your evaluation.

The free MIM/CIM/PM sample will help you evaluate the accuracy of our production process.

You'll need to pay for shipping from China to your door, usually around USD $10-15.
Your local sample import duties are usually free.
You can pay by clicking here

Our MIM/CIM/PM production process can achieve a molding accuracy of 0.01mm.
The maximum sintered product dimensions are as follows

Sintering Length ≤400mm
Sintered Diameter ≤100mm
Plate Thickness ≤50mm

The ultimate accuracy of the product after the sintering post-processing process is as follows

Dimensional Accuracy  ≤0.001mm
Inner/Outer Diameter Accuracy ≤0.001mm
Coaxiality ≤0.001mm
Parallelism/Flatness ≤0.001mm
Roundness ≤0.001mm
Surface Roughness ≤Ra 0.01
Hole Depth Accuracy ≤00.005mm
Maximum Groove Width ≤0.2mm

How to mass produce 3D file artwork through MIM process?

Please send your 3D files to or via the via the form above. We will help you make it happen.

Metal Injection Molding Process

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