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High Nitrogen Steel

High Nitrogen Steel

High nitrogen nickel-free stainless steel

  • Density: ≥7.6 g·cm3

  • Hardness: 280-350 HV1

  • Yield Strength: ≥600 MPa

  • Tensile Strength: ≥900 MPa

  • Elongation: ≥25%

High Nitrogen Steel

Nitrogen was used instead of nickel to stabilize austenitic high-nitrogen steel

●    Traditional austenitic stainless steel

●    Nickel austenite stability elements (low strength, poor biocompatibility)

●    Solution: using nitrogen instead of nickel austenite stable organization

High Nitrogen Steel

●    Processing difficulties :

  • Material is difficult to control the nitrogen content in (temperature, nitrogen partial pressure, nitriding dynamics)

  • The presence of nitrogen in the material form affect material properties

●    316L Advantage

  • Corrosion resistance 

  • Good ductility

  • Polishing, high quality surface

High Nitrogen Steel

●    316L Disadvantage:

  • Low strength, low hardness

  • Contains large amount of nickel, leading to allergic reactions of human body


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