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High Strength Steel

High Strength Steel

Characteristic Properties:

High Strength Steel

Properties and application scenarios of high strength steel:

High Strength Steel


●    Stable production can reach the mechanical properties, yield strength greater than 1600 mpa, the tensile strength is greater than 1700 mpa, the elongation is more than 5%


●    Under the condition of the lower elongation requirements (2-3%), yield strength can be pushed up to more than 1700 mpa, the tensile strength of push up to more than 1900 mpa

●    Apply to under high load, high wear-resisting application scenarios, such as folding screen mobile phone shaft parts

●    Under the same strength requirement, components can be designed to be thinnerHigh Strength Steel

Maraging steel features high strength steel


●    Room temperature high strength maraging steel superplastic (yield strength greater than 1300 mpa)


●    Simple heat treatment, to ensure the minimum deformation

●    Compared with hardened steel of the same strength level, excellent fatigue toughness

●    Good welding performance

●    Machining, convenient and low distortion

High Strength Steel

High Strength Steel

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