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Metal Injection Molding Service for Jewelry Powered by Chinese Factory

Metal Injection Molding Service for Jewelry Powered by Chinese Factory

Material: Stainless Steel

Molding Type: Solid

Sintering Method: Solid Phase Sintering

Served Industries: Jewelry

Molding Accuracy: 10mm±(0.02-0.04)mm

Production Method: OEM/ODM

Featuring a vast and diverse catalogue of materials, our Metal Injection Molding Service offers a global solution for your jewelry needs. Always keeping quality and efficiency at the forefront, our Chinese factory-powered service delivers proven results time and time again.

Brand name  OEM & ODM
Product type Jewelry Ring powder metallurgy powder injection molding
Material Stainless steel 316L 304 17-4PH peptide  Fe2Ni Fe4Ni Fe8Ni
Post-Sintering Polishing, Wire-drawing, Sandblasting, Plating, Coated, etc.
Size Custom
Tolerance 10mm±(0.02-0.04)mm
Weight 5g
Forming Method Powder Injection Molding
Sintering method Solid phase sintering
Sintering environment Vacuum
Mold material Stainless steel
Application Jewelry Industry
Shape Custom
OEM Accept
QC system 100% inspection before shipment
Payment terms  T/T at sight, Paypal, Western Union,etc.
Lead time  7-15 working days
Supply capability 500000 Piece Per Month
Packaging  PP bag / Anti-static film / anti-static plastic disc
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